Dover Port or stay in France????

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Not sure if anyone has said this yet, but another option is to park up overnight in the officially designated parking zones along Dover seafront. This is good for overnight stays for both motorhomes and car/caravan outfits. We always do this, arr mid evening, enjoy the break of journey and hop on an early boat - literally 5 mins drive (and in sight!). It's free after 6.00 until 8.00 am, if you arrive earlier and use pay & display you get credit into the following day - good if you're not rushing  off.  Easy access is to exit A20 in Dover at the roundabout near old western docks, cross bridge by the marina and turn into seafront road opposite clock tower towards rowing club. Its all well lit and very safe for parking along there. police do patrol by too, and that adds to good security. Happy travelling! Cool

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For a site near Calais/boulogne etc ,"Le Ete Indien" @ Wimereaux ,A.C.S.I. (see other info" on overseas post )Pete .

Write your comments here... We tried that site a few years ago, but have since found the Municipal site in Wimereaux itself. The site is within walking distance of the 'prom' and it's rates are ACSI level.

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We travel from Manchester and what we do is travel overnight (avoiding all the traffic), then catch an early morning ferry (about 6:00) and by the time you get into France, its about 9:00, I then drive to Granspette near to St Omer (about half an hours' drive from Dunkirk/Calais) and stop there.  There is a supermarket just up the road where you can buy supplies and fill up the tank before moving on the next day. 

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Like other people we have tried all sorts of different crossings but for the first time last year we booked Black Horse. Trouble was, we found ourselves about to drive past the entrance to the tunnel at about 5 pm. You can guess the rest. We managed to cancel with a call to the Club and phoned Vivier Aux Carpes two hours from Calais where we arrived 9 pm. In days bygone we would have stayed at an Aire. We only live two hours from Folkestone so maybe different for us.

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2012 We stayed at Black Horse Farm, and caught the early ferry teh next day.  It's a very nice site.

But if I was to travel from Dover again I would stay on the 'other side' on the way out.

I am from West Yorkshire, and I think for a lot less hassle I would consider the ferry from Hull.  It's and overnight crossing so you have a cabin, but you can set off fresh in the morning.

It is an exoensive option, even considering the cost of fuel, and extra camp site nights, but the time saving is huge.

I hope the club will look at making the Hull crossing more competative.