Police in Chatellerault arrest network of thieves

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Hi everyone

Police in Chatellerault have broken up a group of theives and now have over 200 mobile phones/ipads/cameras etc... which they believe belong to British, German and Dutch campers.

If you have been a victim of a robbery in the area of Chatellerault ove the past 3-6 months you may like to contact:

Capitaine Sylvain SOULA, Commandant en second la compagnie de Gendarmerie, Départementale de Châtellerault, 05, Bld Aristide Briand, 86100 Châtellerault

Tél : +33


As they may be holding some of your property. Another member was recently re-united with their mobile phone.

The newpaper article can be found here it does say that most of the victims were tent campers, but some motorhomes and caravans were also targeted.





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Hi everyone - had a computer crash before I could edit the above post - I meant to say if you have been a victim of a robbery in the last 6 months in and around the area of Chatellerault

The newspaper article can be found here

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Thank you bognormike

Hi Oneputt

There was no mention of gas, and the member who brought this to my attention did not mention it either.

The gang stole from caravans and motorhomes, but mainly they concentrated on tents.