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Over the past year I have been to a few sites around the North East where the Caravan Club have gone H&S mad! At The Howard - Rosedale Abbey (Near Pickering) they have fenced off the entire river so people don't fall down the river bank, I asked why this was as my kids like playing around the river and picking blackberries I was told Health and Safety. At Easter we visited West Ayton and the Club had fenced off all of the woods near the play park, again Health and Safety! Last weekend we were at Old Hartley, after 50+ years awnings are now banned I asked if this was because they kept blowing away, I was told no again because of Health and Safety, as the awning limit space between where you can drive on site. They have also taken out 5 pitches on this site.

It is good that the Club try and make the sites safe but I am sure it would be safer to stay at home and wrap ourselves in bubble wrap. Personally I feel slightly patronising; I am sure I can walk along a path and not fall into a river or walk past a tree and get a stick in my eye….

What are your views on the increasing ‘out of bounds’ areas?

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Our local park has the canal running along the bottom, the park has been there since the early 1970's and the canal longer, obviously, we have suddenly in the last couple of weeks got NEW signs warning us of deep water, as if we dont know!! Health and Safety I suppose. Surprised Will they fence it off next, and what about the tow path, wont be able to walk along it just in case we fall in!!! Its not just CC sites.

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My guess is that once again CC insurers are now running the show, if CC doesn't form a barrier to woods or rivers and someone is injured, they can claim no one told me not to go in the woods etc.

Same as why do need to be told the water coming out of the tap marked H will be very hot.


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We rent a field for the horses - one of the other things that it meant was that when they were younger the children could play quite freely a large area, build dens,climb trees etc etc. The drank out of the yard tap, shared their dinners with both horses and dogs and generally did all those things that I probably shouldnt have let them do.  They had accidents - a few broken collar bones, trapped fingers, bumped heads, cuts and bruises etc - during the growing up time.  Apart from having the field we  live in a culdesac off a dead end road, so all the children from the houses played out together - young and older all joined in and they made ramps for bikes, go carts etc quite safely as all the adults kept an eye out for everyones children and dealt with minor bumps and bangs as well as handing out drinks and ice lollies ad lib.   ''Risk and Challenge'' is now a part of the early years curriculum and has to be built in.  Better than not having it at all but better still if it could occur naturally. 

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I doubt the insurance company has been round all the sites as it would be far too expensive for them. There is ample case law to say that a natural water feature does not have to be fenced off so I doubt the insurers are to blame. It may be that there have been accidents with the water so the club are playing safe. As far as fencing off woodland is concerned there can be no reason other than to keep people out because they are not wanted there unless there is some hidden danger there. Anyone using health and safety on that one is talking rubbish unless they can show there is something you would not normally find in a wood which would pose a danger to persons there.