Dorema President Vario Awning

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Hi Folks I have Dorema President Vario Awning Which came with the used van i purchased recently. The awning didn't come with any instructions or assembly diagram. I contacted Dorema who very efficiently set me a diagram, However, the diagram shows seven horizontal roof supports where as i only have five.  The awning size is 1065mm does any one have a similar awning who can tell me if I'm some poles missing or if i have the wrong diagram.


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may be of use.............

worked out you are 12 pieces missing

2 x no. 6 = pt no. 34981

2 x no. 4 = pt no. 37698

4 x no. 5 = pt no. 38284

4 x no. 10 = pt no. 34094

hope this helps...........