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I purchased brand new van middle of July and I've still not got the cris documents. Cris tell me the dealer instead of telling them we were the purchaser put the caravan ie chassis number back in their stock 

The dealer tells me that's rubbish cris has cocked up its not in their stock and as such have informed cris

Cris say they can't issue the documents until they confirm we have purchased. This is now p!!ssing me off as I'm piggy in the middle getting nowhere 


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OH suggests that you go back to your dealer and lean hard on him.  Ask him to re-issue the documents that state that you are now the owner of the caravan.  If necessary offer to pay for the postage and ask that it is sent by special delivery. Also perhaps you can ask for a copy of the letter that thery have sent o CRIS informing them that the caravan is not in their stock. Is there a Caravan Ombudsman?

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Unfortunately the dealer isn't that close and he claims cris has just changed hands and everything is done online only 

I have rung the dealer 3 times and he assures me he has confirmed its not registered to them again I have rung cris 3 times and they say it's registered to the dealer and as such can not issue the documents. Trading standards perhaps 

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Have you registered your with the manufacturer ? Have they (the manufacturer) provided you with any paperwork as confirmation of your ownership , I would contact the manufacturer to get them involved & explain the situation regarding this dealer's claims & ask if they can get involved with Cris . I'm sure that they would not want involvement of their 'Name' in adverse publicity if CAB or Watchdog etc got involved . Try contacting the CC legal helpline to see if they can advise some course of action .