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Anyone replaced an omnidirectional with the later multidirectional status can it be done as a straight swop don't fancy another hole in the van roof 

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It's a much larger hole in the roof for the latest mutlidirectional compared to the one you have now.  At the moment there should only be a hole for the aerial cable that goes right through the roof.  The only other holes are the 3 on the outside that hold the base plate down.  Do you have enough room below the existing aerial cable hole to install the vertical height adjuster tube and winding handle for the horizontal/vertical adjuster?  If so then you could just open up the existing hole; if not then you would have to make another hole elsewhere and then have the issue of sealing up the original aerial cable hole. 

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Yes I have done it and as said you need a hole of about 45 mm diameter [check exact value] for the aerials mounting piece.
In my case I had to relocate the new hole a bit to the side of the existing small coax cable hole. I purchased one of Status's purpose made blanking plates [an expensive disc of plastic] and bonded this, biased to one side over the existing hole. I put a smear of the bonding agent [Sikaflex] on the one old screw hole that fell outside my plate.
From inside the van I marked where the new hole had to be and drilled with a piece of thin wire right though the roof and plate [piano wire, model craft shop, end ground at angle to work as a drill]
Then with a tube type saw toothed cutter from B&Q of the specific size needed, and using a slow speed electric hand drill I bored the hole half way from the top and bottom through the roof and plate. Result lovely neat hole.
I then installed the mounting following Status's instructions and using their supplied 'dry' sealing foam washer.
Easy job the only difficult bit for me was gathering up the courage needed to bore that hole; but very glad I did as it was a lot better aerial.