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Hi, I have a 2005 1.8auto zafira (older shape) I've checked on line and my max towing weight appears to be 1200.

im off to look at a 1995 coachman genius 4 berth 1100 weight... It's this too heavy for a beginner or am I over worrying?

thanks in advance.  

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For a beginner you need to be towing (caravans MTPLM) at 85% of the cars kerbweight / mass in service. 

Example for my car: Kerbweight 1,495kg, caravan MTPLM 1,230kg = 82%, I have a towing limit of 1,600kg. 

The maximum your car can tow is 1,200kg, the 1,100kg for caravan is that MIRO or MTPLM?

Pages 6-8 on the following: