Devon Aztec or Devon Conversions Motorhome Owners?

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We were just wondering whether there are any other members who are Devon Aztec owners. I see that Mastervanman has posted the link to a Devon Yahoo group -

So there must be one other Devon owner who is a CC member!  There is also a Devon Motorhomes Owners Group here:

We have yet to see another Devon owner on a Club or CL site where we were staying. We haven't seen any on the road either! We haven't been members for long - only about a year... so our experience of sites is limited.  We do like our van, however, and wonder at times why they aren't more popular among those who would choose a panel van conversion.

Are there any other Aztec Appreciators out there in the Club?

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I hope you have joined our our Devon owners group! The website link you give is the website of the Yahoo Devon Owners Group - all the same group. We will be having our first meet in a few weeks at Harbury Fields CC AS from Tuesday 23 April to Sunday 28 April. Full details on the website.

The group is for all Devon models whatever age and Devon have been going since the sixties. You're unlikely to find a group just for Aztecs. And it's completely free to join!

Apart from one dealer (Dolphin Motorhomes) in the south Devon sell direct from the factory in County Durham so that might put some potential southern based buyers off. Perhaps more are seen up north? Also although hardly a small concern Devon don't produce the number of motorhomes as someone like Autosleepers so they won't be that common but I believe they are becoming more popular.