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Hi all.

This is a service I use a lot, especially now that Im in the market for a new car! I also used it 18 months ago when we changed our van. Its a brilliant service which is also free, albeit in our membership subscription, but considering other organisations can cost a fair few quids, it aint bad.

Ive not come across any problems with the web page (so far) apart from when the intenet might be playing up! Just keep trying James147 its worth it. One last thing it does give just about all the info you need and when Ive checked it against the manufacturers figures, it has always been correct.

Have a nice day.

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I've used this feature successfully in the past, but this time I entered my Freelander 2 car details and only 2wd options to match it to came up. As most Freelanders manufactured to date are 4wd the matching service in this case is useless. 

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I've heard that if the model you're looking for isn't there, you need to go back through the model years until it appears...  Surprised

Even then, when I tried it and found the cars I was looking weren't there, going back as suggested didn't always work.

Shame really.

I find the site generally far more comprehensive in range of cars and vans, but may be a touch overdone if you're not tickled by mountains of data like I am!