Tow Weights & Car Performance

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I am fairly new to caravanning, am towing my small caravan (1000kgs MTPLM) with a 2.0 Diesel ix35 and  get about 30mpg. 

I want to upgrade my van to a fixed bed model but want to keep the length and weight to the minimum. I have looked at a couple of van choices, one had an MTPLM of approx 1200kgs and one an MTPLM of 1385Kgs. 

I am assuming I am packing the Vans to their max user weight and realise both weights are fully within the towing capability of my car.  

How will adding 200Kgs or 385Kgs to my current towing weight affect the performance of my car. Will my mpg drop considerably or will I hardly notice the extra weight.


If anyone has experience of this I would appreciate your input. 

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In all the bigger heavier van should tow better it should be more stable with less wag I'm pulling a 26ft 1550kg twin axle and it tows far better than my old 20ft 1200kg single axle.

 I tow with an 2011 Transit 2.2lt Diesel giving me around 25 to 28 mpg when towing. Where as my old 1995 petrol Transit 2lt DOHC returned 10 to 15 MPG she didn't like the extra weight and finaly gave up with a blown head gasket on the A82...and one year on is still sitting in the drive now awaiting a new oil pump.

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Your biggest kick in the MPG is that initial 1000+kg's and the big un-aerodynamic box you're pulling.

After that a couple of hundered KG's can make a difference in MPG, but not much overall, it can be the difference between having under inflated tyres and correct ones.

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Collected my new van a few days ago.  Its 230 kgs heavier than my last one and a good 76% match for my car.  I have only towed it 40 miles to bring it home, pleased to say I did not notice any difference in car performance and it felt very stable. I will monitor the mpg over the next couple of months but I dont expect it to me much different from my previous lighter van.