Towing car and caravan match

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Have a look at the matching service. I think your car will be a bit under powered and if you are new to caravaning you will not get within the 85% car to van weight ratio recommened by the CC. Having said this the data the Club hold on my outfit is wrong so check the details the Club hold on your outfit carefully before making any descissions.

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Agreed.  The 115bhp Mondeo only has a towing limit of 1200 kg (according to, which that Bailey is well in excess of.

Don't do it!

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Pakers Guild disagress ! ! !

Car weight 1575KG with a Ford max braked tow limit of 2000KG, I have towed our twin axle 1670KG van with a 115hp Galaxy auto and found that the 115hp engine to be a very good match.

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Not sure I would trust Parkers anymore, I've found several errors and ommisisons in there data. To be fair, I was looking at the Econetic model data.  The Edge version might be better....

Was your Galaxy the old model with the VAG 1.9 TDI engine?  That's a very different kettle of fish.  The low down power delivery on those engines was very good (from what I remember from driving them) and they could punch well above their weight in terms of BHP.

If it was the new model, then I stand corrected!  :)