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Search for a ferry or Eurotunnel crossing using our simple search and book tool. It's often cheaper to book a ferry with a site so why not try that to get the very best deal.

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Top questions

How do I get the cheapest ferry fare?

Generally, short crossings are cheaper but prices will vary depending on your criteria. Add your site to your basket first to see the best rates. Ferry offers are available too, including Overseas Site Night Vouchers and site package deals.

Is it cheaper to book a ferry crossing via the Caravan and Motorhome Club, instead of going direct to the operator?

Yes, we will match or beat fares offered direct from ferry operators. You can compare prices online or by phone.

How do I change my overseas site or ferry booking?

Please phone our Travel Service line on 01342 488 102 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5.30pm) and our operators will be able to help you with any changes you need.

Does the Club offer flexible ferry fares?

All bookings made via the Club can be changed for a £20 Club amendment fee, plus any charges from the operator and/or increase in fare.

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