Divisional and Regional AGMs

Each year, as well as the Club AGM, our Regions hold their own AGMs at local venues. 

In light of the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic some of the Division and Region AGMs may be affected in how they are run, please check with your Division or Region for further information.

Here are the upcoming Regional 2020 AGMs:

Date Division/Region Venue Contact
15 November 2020 Anglia Region Virtual AGM secretary@angliaregion.org.uk
3 October 2020 Irish Division Virtual AGM divisionsecretary@thecaravanclub.ie
10 October 2020 Scottish Division Virtual AGM scottishcaravanclubsecretary@gmail.com
9 January 2021 Welsh Division Virtual AGM secretary@cc-welsh-division.co.uk
6 February 2021 Central Region Virtual AGM secretary@centralregion.org.uk
17 October 2020 West Central Region Virtual AGM secretary@westcentralregion.co.uk
14 November 2020 South East Region Virtual AGM southeastregionsec@aol.com
14 November 2020 Home Counties Region Virtual AGM secretary@homecountiesregion.co.uk
14 November 2020 South West Region Virtual AGM secretary@southwestregioncc.org.uk
21 March 2021 Northern Region Blackpool Pleasure Beach northernregionsec@hotmail.co.uk