Durness Certificated Locations

The seaside village of Durness is situated in the north-west Scottish Highlands and it is a truly remote, wild destination for a holiday if you really want to switch off from everyday life.

Its only campsite is located on cliffs right above the beach, meaning you're literally a stone's throw from the long stretch of sand and numerous rockpools.

You should also check out Smoo Cave, which has a river running through it and even a waterfall when it has rained.

There are plenty of opportunities to watch wildlife, including puffins, seals, whales and porpoises, which should make for some great photos to take back home.

Within the village, highlights include Faraidh Head and Balnakeil Old Church, which houses the tomb of a long-gone serial bandit within its walls so that no one could walk over his grave.

There are also excellent archaeological monuments around Loch Croispol and Loch Borrallie, including the ruins of round houses.

For supplies, there's a store and the Balnakeil Craft Village to peruse independent artisan products.