brianchalk replied on 05/07/2020 23:22

Posted on 05/07/2020 23:22

I just need to tell you I find this website dire, why do you have to keep logging in ??

The information on the site is poor and due to the situation of COVID 19 surely it would be easier to show which sites are available on a particular date the whole experience is onerous. I'm off to to the Camping and Caravanning site it's so  much easier!

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Metheven replied on 22/08/2020 10:32

Posted on 22/08/2020 10:32

What none of us know,even me as a moderator, is what the "Club" ie Executive and Club Council think of this forum?

Rather than silence from all quarters at East Grinstead and the consequent build up from members of resentment and complaints, perhaps they should give their thoughts on their/our forum and its future.

  • 'Yes' it is important to us, it is abysmal at the moment but we do intend to improve it.


  • 'Sorry' it does not fit into our future plans, and will be run down and eventually closed.