National 2019 - arrival times

7ncj replied on 21/05/2019 12:31

Posted on 21/05/2019 12:31

Afternoon all, 

Attending our first every event this weekend - the National at Ragley! 

We're unlikely to get there until Saturday lunchtime / early afternoon.  Do most people arrive during the day on Saturday or do a significant proportion arrive Fri night or the minute the gates open Saturday?

Just trying to find out chances of ending up squeezed in a duff spot e.g. near a generator!


brue replied on 21/05/2019 12:50

Posted on 21/05/2019 12:50

I think you'll just have to take pot luck, we arrived at 8am a day later than others (a couple of years ago) with people arriving throughout the day. We were half way up the lines so you might find you are ok, depends where the lines start and how they're arranged. Hope you have a good time wherever you end up! smile

7ncj replied on 27/05/2019 22:11

Posted on 27/05/2019 22:11

We arrived shortly after 11 and were happy with the spot we ended up with. They'd made sure no-one was too close to the dreaded generators.

We booked very late and our region / centre was massively oversubscribed so we ended up with another centre. Very friendly welcome. Just a shame on the Friday night a couple of families near us treated it like a rave and were hugely inconsidate. Not sure if they wore themselves out or someone had a word as they were much quieter the rest of the time and kept half an eye on their children.

What an event though. So much to do, we didn't get the chance to do everything and didn't ever make it to have a look around Ragley Hall!