The February Show 2021

DSB replied on 20/02/2021 00:44

Posted on 20/02/2021 00:44

No February NEC Show this year,but instead, the Caravsm and Motorhome Club are having a Virtual Show.  See all the details here:

Looks interesting.  I notice there will be a quiz and virtual Gin tasting session on Friday night....  I guess we'll have to 'bring a bottle'..... 😃.

I'll be popping in for a listen..  Might give us something to look forward to when sites eventually open once more...


DSB replied on 20/02/2021 23:56

Posted on 20/02/2021 22:33 by ABM

Virtual cheeses David undecided  ??

Posted on 20/02/2021 23:56

Indeed Brian! 🙂  Mind you, Snowdonia have a good online ordering service.  It keeps coming up on my Facebook.  Can't think why.. !!! 😃😃


slowtowingone replied on 01/03/2021 22:35

Posted on 01/03/2021 22:35

spent all day at the virtual Scottish Show. Enjoyed it once i worked out how to navigate thru the stands. Well done to all involved .Was slightlyl disappointed by the effort some exhibitors had went to , while looking at motorhomes there was lots of missing pictures , would be better if they had been available . Anyway ,still enjoyed the show . While im on , has anyone ever had a runaway diesel engine problem ? ive a 2019 Peugeot Boxer with low miles ,but i have seen a video on u tube where a diesel engine turbo blows and destroys the engine. Any ideas ? would hate to deal with this ................... 

ForkHandles replied on 17/03/2021 08:52

Posted on 17/03/2021 08:52

I got a "free" ticket" but tbh thought it was a total waste of time. I quite enjoy wandering round the SECC queuing to get into the vans, and skirting past the magic cleaning guys.  This was basically just a few links to websites.  I lasted for about 20 minutes then got on with my life.