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moulesy replied on 27/08/2019 15:15

Posted on 27/08/2019 15:15

Just received the latest edition of the magazine (no, obviously haven't read it! wink) and noticed that the "SW" has been dropped from the date box on the cover. So is this the demise of the regional editions of the magazine? It would be good if so, I've got fed up of reading about sites in my own area! Anyone else spotted this?  smile

brue replied on 27/08/2019 15:20

Posted on 27/08/2019 15:20

I think this was dropped awhile back, but I might be wrong. Merve got a letter published about his non EHU van. Progress of sorts and a boost for CLs from the DG too. smile

moulesy replied on 27/08/2019 15:24

Posted on 27/08/2019 15:24

No - just checked the August edition (near the bottom of the recycling pile admittedly! wink) and it still appeared then.

Have to add that I only spotted it because the Great North Run, Durham & Northumberland were all mentioned on the cover! laughing

brue replied on 27/08/2019 15:27

Posted on 27/08/2019 15:27

I never noticed the SW date box bit I just thought the local places had been dropped...lack of observation and interest on my part no doubt! wink

SteveL replied on 27/08/2019 16:14

Posted on 27/08/2019 16:14

Not received ours yet, but the August one certainly had the regional designation and content.

Just checked the online versions

August is the SE version with another 30 pages tacked on for all the other areas, making 149 in total.

September has no designation, no separate regional bits and is 126 pages in total.

Perhaps the regional section staff  are on holiday.😂

JVB66 replied on 10/09/2019 11:13

Posted on 10/09/2019 11:06 by peedee

Especially with respect to motorcaravans.


Posted on 10/09/2019 11:13

But "touring" motor caravanners are , it seems,  a tiny minority compared to the amount that are being used as motorized caravans and stay put once at their destination site,and are used just as any caravan,