Club sites - advance booking system

ask66 replied on 20/03/2018 09:24

Posted on 20/03/2018 09:24

Hi all, I'm sure this has been discussed before but here goes...

We normally use CLs as we like the peace & quiet and are happy to use our onboard shower and toilet etc., but on a certain weekend towards the end of June we want to visit Castleton in the Peak District.  There are no CLs in the village, leaving the Club site as the only option.

Looking online I see that no pitches are available for that weekend, or indeed for most weekends!

Now I have no problem if everyone who has booked actually turns up - good for them for planning ahead - but with the current system there is nothing to stop people making a large number of advance bookings, then cancelling right up to 72 hours before.  I can't wait that late - if the site is going to be full, we will want to book a B&B or hotel instead.

Would it not be a better idea for all pre-bookings to require a deposit of say £5 or £10 per night (more for the most popular sites, e.g. near London), refundable where there is a genuine reason for cancellation?  I believe a similar system may be operated by the Camping & Caravanning Club and this would surely deter people from  making advance bookings when they haven't really decided whether or not they will be going!

It would be helpful to know how many pitches are booked and then cancelled before the 72 hour deadline, just to give an idea of how much of a problem this really is.  Perhaps the Club could make some figures available.

Just to repeat, I have no problem with the site showing as full if all those who have pre-booked actually show up (give or take the odd one or two with genuine reasons for cancellation).

What do others think?