My site bookings

zippysmart replied on 22/02/2021 21:06

Posted on 22/02/2021 21:06

I have just logged onto my site bookings and all the bookings I have made for this year have disappeared. Is the booking system having technical issues.

con replied on 22/02/2021 21:38

Posted on 22/02/2021 21:38

You are not alone. All my bookings have also disappeared frown

Spriddler replied on 22/02/2021 22:57

Posted on 22/02/2021 22:57

Al mine have disappeared. I've also tried to make a new booking and also amend another but it just stops at the 'Book now' button page and I can't get past the 'Your booking has not been made/confirmed' message.

I assume the site has crashed/frozen.


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