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jettam replied on 10/01/2021 12:59

Posted on 10/01/2021 12:59

We have been members of the club for over 5 years. we think that the advance booking system is great but one consequence is that weekends are very often booked up well in advance which makes it impossible to stay for longer. That means we can, say, book for a few days up to Friday but then have to leave and come back on Monday. We know from conversations that other members also find this irritating.

One solution would be for sites to keep back a proportion of pitches from being booked by weekenders only so that they are available to those booking longer. These could then be released to weekenders if not taken up.

What do other members think?

Moderator Comment - We have just recently had a very long discussion on this very same issue here https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/club-together/discussions/sites-touring/uk-sites-touring/clubsite-bookings-2021/ which is now closed but you can read through the thread. To avoid duplication I will close this thread as you will only get the same replies.


EmilysDad replied on 10/01/2021 13:03

Posted on 10/01/2021 13:03

 ... What do other members think?

this is a subject that has been done to death many times over. There are only so many pitches on so many sites and as the majority of the work force still work Mon to Fri the week ends will always be popular.

EasyT replied on 10/01/2021 13:10

Posted on 10/01/2021 13:10

As somebody who (normally) goes away for 4, 5, and 6 week tours I have not yet been presented with a significant problem in the last 15 years

Tinwheeler replied on 10/01/2021 13:18

Posted on 10/01/2021 13:18

Isn’t this almost a carbon copy of another recent thread on the subject?

Keeping certain pitches back could result in empty pitches and frustration for all.

As it is, everyone had the same chance of getting what they want. They just need to book early. I say leave things alone rather than trying to tweak the system to suit the few.

Jettam, did you raise your question at the recent AGM? That was your chance you make your voice heard.

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