Wifi Price rise

Mikeyj replied on 10/04/2019 16:22

Posted on 10/04/2019 16:22

CAMC have put up the cost of wifi on its sites by 10% on the annual charge to £27.50. Have I missed something as there doesn’t appear to be anything in the way of explanation on the website or magazine?. Are they hoping that no-one will notice?

Tinwheeler replied on 10/04/2019 16:36

Posted on 10/04/2019 16:36

Oh well, that means I’ll save £27.50 p/a instead of £25 by not using it. 😀

I think it went up a few months back and it must have been publicised somewhere for me to know about it.

SteveL replied on 10/04/2019 16:51

Posted on 10/04/2019 16:51

I think I am on my fourth annual pass and they have all been £25. So in the scheme of things probably due for an increase. Plus in the last year / 18 months the quality / speed of the service at many  sites has improved significantly. It equates to about 2.5% per annum. I am OK with that.

DavidKlyne replied on 10/04/2019 20:44

Posted on 10/04/2019 20:44

Slightly ironic that as the CMC put their prices up the C&CC decide to offer WiFi for free! I do think the Club should offer WiFi for £1 a day. As someone who uses his mobile data now, where possible, the daily and weekly rate seem quite expensive compared to the annual pass. 


EasyT replied on 10/04/2019 21:10

Posted on 10/04/2019 21:10

The weekly site wifi charge is very much what we would pay on a commercial site. It is the one day rate which is too high. Also the fact that it only allows one user.

On commercial sites it is common to pay £10 for a week or £5 for 3 days but had always allowed two users. We generally move every 5 nights so on a commercial site usually by 2 x 3 days as we can check out how useful it is before the second purchase. On a club site we just by one 12 month annual pass. I use it more than OH as since losing sight in one eye I no longer read books as I find it irritating because I can't scan the pages the same. If we are both using wifi one uses the mifi. If there is no CC on site we both use mifi. 

Before the £25 annual prescription we would not have entertained CC wifi as it was £40 for 100 hours which had to be used in 6 months! At that time I still had normal sight and enjoyed reading but even so that would have lasted us about 4 weeks I suppose. 

clarinetman replied on 11/04/2019 00:21

Posted on 11/04/2019 00:21

It’s not so much the cost as the quality that concerns me you get a better service on a train or bus than on most club sites.

shouldnt call them club sites they are as far away from being a club as I in over 30 years of touring have seen, the recent price increases coupled with the holiday periods being extended and the clubs obvious cosy relationships with manufacturers who are taking the Micky out of us all, it is a total disgrace.

Whittakerr replied on 11/04/2019 06:50

Posted on 11/04/2019 06:50

I think these days charging for wifi is a complete rip off, its free at plenty of places now. I only ever used the CCC wifi once or twice years back and now use either my phone or the sim card in my ipad or the one in my car. Faster and more reliable.

richardandros replied on 11/04/2019 07:11

Posted on 11/04/2019 07:11

What I find strange is that all the major providers of internet connections are dropping their prices as they compete for business and presumably, the cost of the hardware is falling as well - so why does this Club find it necessary to increase its prices at all?

I get a massive data boost from EE from having both our phones and broadband with them, so I will continue to tether all of our devices to my phone when I require an internet connection.