Insurance contact number

scottr77 replied on 04/07/2019 16:24

Posted on 04/07/2019 16:24

Hi - I got fed up waiting on hold on the phone  to customer service so my question is this: I have Caravan and motorhome club (motorhome) insurance and the claims phone number is 0345 604 4461. Nothing in the documents shows what number to call in event of a claim from abroad. 

Does anyone have an alternative number for the claims line that I can call from the EU if required?



comeyras replied on 04/07/2019 17:33

Posted on 04/07/2019 17:33

That's the only number I have for caravan insurance claims. The Caravan Insurance number is 01342 336610 and Motorhome Insurance is 0345 5040334, these numbers are on your membership card; I am sure they would direct you to the Claims Dept. The Red Pennant claim number is 020 8865 3122 if that helps.