Safety recall notification

Elliodme2013 replied on 15/01/2020 12:13

Posted on 15/01/2020 12:13

I have received a recall notice for my 2017  swift Challenger regarding a potential issue with the lower front bulkhead, you have to arrange a visit from the Swift engineer and he decides if it has to go back to dealer or the factory in Yorkshire,this is all very well but also worrying as I can not find out what the problem is,any help welcome

Cybil 666 replied on 15/01/2020 12:18

Posted on 15/01/2020 12:18

Have a look here

Elliodme2013 replied on 19/01/2020 13:12

Posted on 19/01/2020 13:12

Thanks Cybil666 ,after reading article I had a look at my van and thankfully all seems well, no loose or missing screws from bulkhead angle plates, await engineers visit to hopefully give all

harrib0 replied on 22/01/2020 18:05

Posted on 22/01/2020 18:05

As mentioned there is a big thread running on Swift Talk but you have to join up to read. Also a thread running on Caravan Talk

People who have recently bought a 2017 Swift Caravan, and if the owner details have not been updated, may not have received a recall letter from swift, so I would phone Swift Customer services with your chassis number and find out if yours is affected

In brief, there is an issue with the bulkhead detaching from the rest of the body on 2017 models surprised

Details from Swift:

Swift Group

Swift Twitter feed


lagerorwine replied on 23/01/2020 12:02

Posted on 23/01/2020 12:02

From what I've read on the Swift Talk thread, other years may also have a similar issue (2015, 2016 is mentioned)

Ours is 2013 and all screws are in place, so I wonder if it is Smart construction related?

If you have a Swift in the 2015-2018, I would be checking inside the gas locker asap.

thebells replied on 23/01/2020 17:53

Posted on 23/01/2020 17:53

This problem was detected at our service in April last year. We were told that "the underside is coming away, it's a common problem which will take a couple of hours to fix"!

The service engineer didn't seem unduly worried and it was a couple of months before the work was done. In fact we toured Scotland for a couple of weeks before taking the caravan in. 

I would definitely check (if you know what you're looking for as ours wasn't obviously apparent) otherwise mention it at your next service or contact your dealer and ask them to inspect it?

Ours is a 2015 Sprite Major 4 FB (built by Swift), so it had taken 4 years for the fault to develop/be noticed!


PeteandBarb replied on 27/01/2020 00:56

Posted on 27/01/2020 00:56

Hi We also have had a Recall Notice for our 2017 4 Berth Swift Ace Globetrotter. We have  replied to Swift with Caravan details and location. Now awaiting notification as to when Engineer will visit. Hope we don't have to wait to long. 

As  the problem is where the Front Bulkhead is coming  away or has come away from Caravan Chassis. 

I  believe  this has actually happened to one Caravan owner. Where front of Caravan became detached from Chassis  while Caravan was being Towed.