Thetford c250 extractor kit

Boxvanginbar replied on 23/02/2021 23:05

Posted on 23/02/2021 23:05

Hi all,

our compass 634 has a C250 toilet fitted and given the current pandemic it’s likely that this year it will see more full use if you get my meaning. 
Looking to keep the air in the van more socially acceptable I’ve looked at the SOG kits and also at the Thetford extractor kit. 
Has anyone fitted the Thetford kit? Does it involve the total removal of the toilet from the van. 
Tips appreciated 


bill replied on 24/02/2021 07:52

Posted on 24/02/2021 07:52

I must admit that I have never seen the need to fit one but had assumed that they were merely used by people that did not want to use any chemicals in the holding container for eco reasons rather than used to keep the air in the van more socially acceptable.

I use bio washing sachets rather than 'blue' and have no problems but do tend to empty on a daily basis if I can.