Air Conditioning for Bailey Advance 76-4

Prescot46 replied on 22/07/2019 19:37

Posted on 22/07/2019 19:37

Has anyone fitted a roof-top air conditioning unit to a Bailey Advance motorhome?

I have a Bailey Advance 76-4 and I have been looking at the Truma Compact range.

Any experiences or views?

Prescot46 replied on 21/08/2019 13:07

Posted on 21/08/2019 13:07

Update - I had a Truma Aventa Comfort air conditioning unit fitted by Truma themselves at their Dove Valley Park Unit near Derby/Uttoxeter. I chose the Comfort model because of the size of the van and because it will provide heat as well as cool air.

From raising an initial query with Truma the process was rapid and efficient.  Truma’s travelling engineer called at my house to survey the van to ensure it could be fitted.  On the flat roof of the Bailey Advance there are 3 roof lights, one large and 2 small (400mm x400mm).  The preferred spot was over the central kitchen as this would provide cool air or heat evenly in the van.  The Aventa range has a short forward protrusion which ensured it did not conflict with the roof mounted solar panel.  From survey to booking a fitting date was less than a week.  Truma do not charge for fitting.

I stayed on the Club site at Uttoxeter the night before, it is only about 20 minutes from Truma.  The staff at Truma looked after me very well, breakfast and lunch were provided.  The whole process took about 5 hours, a good portion of this was removing the rooflight which was very well fitted by Bailey.

The result looks good, the unit is very easy to operate either by the Truma CP Plus control panel or the remote control that comes with the unit.  I have not used on a trip away and will update on this later.

Prescot46 replied on 25/08/2019 13:47

Posted on 25/08/2019 13:47

£1990. I have seen it advertised by some dealers at a lower price but then they add on a fitting charge. I went to Truma on the basis that it was their piece of kit and would be the best person to fit it.  Was not disappointed. 

Prescot46 replied on 25/08/2019 19:42

Posted on 25/08/2019 19:42

Took advantage of the great Bank Holiday weather and had 3 nights on the Engelthwaite Hall Club site.  The weather has been glorious and the air con unit has performed very well.  So far noise level not much more than the desk fan we used to carry about.  The van is cool and have not had to open the remaining roof lights.  Not needed on during the night so cannot say what the nighttime noise levels are.

Tinwheeler replied on 26/08/2019 09:33

Posted on 26/08/2019 09:33

Having endured being pitched near a van with air con, it’s noise levels outside the van that concern me. 

BB, there’s one for sale unused on the other forum. No idea if it’s the right model. 

BoleroBoy replied on 26/08/2019 13:31

Posted on 26/08/2019 13:31

thanks, I could  go for that and it's also reassuring to know that any noise from my van wouldn't affect youwink

BoleroBoy replied on 26/08/2019 18:36

Posted on 26/08/2019 13:34 by Tinwheeler

Mmm, you can’t be too sure…😄

Posted on 26/08/2019 18:36

no, that's true.....but I'll do my bestwink

at least you won't follow me over the Channel, where I'll most likely need it.....

although blooming hot now on the