Motorhome Mechanical Servicing -South Wales

ColBur replied on 18/01/2021 21:42

Posted on 18/01/2021 21:42

Having bought a 4 year old motorhome last year, I was surprised to find that the vehicle had no record of mechanical servicing. All the habitation services had been done, but nothing regards the base vehicle.I am now trying to find somewhere in S.Wales between Cardiff - Swansea that can carry out this work. It is based on a Peugeot Boxer but local Peugeot Dealer cannot accommodate this size of vehicle. Anyone have any suggestions/ recommendations please?

Tinwheeler replied on 18/01/2021 21:53

Posted on 18/01/2021 21:53

It'll be out of warranty so all you need is a commercial vehicle workshop with sufficient headroom to be able to lift the MH. Most car garages have neither the necessary height nor hoists capable of lifting the weight.

You know your area so check out a few commercial garages for their suitability. Non-Peugeot garages may not have access to Peugeot diagnostics of software updates.

ColBur replied on 22/01/2021 14:05

Posted on 22/01/2021 14:05

Thanks for all your replies.  

After a lot of digging around on the Bailey website I eventually found my way to Auto-Master(South Wales) Ltd who are located at Llanharry Road, Brynsadler, Pontyclun, CF72 9DB. They will carry out full servicing/ MOT/ Habitation check etc. If you are interested they are on Facebook.

KeithL replied on 25/01/2021 10:50

Posted on 25/01/2021 10:50

My relative does motorhome servicing in his garage and the main limitation for garages is their car lifts don't have the capacity for motorhome weights. Look for garages that service vans (transit size) as they tend to have the correct lifts