Renault Master side step fitting

ninkumpoop replied on 14/10/2021 14:02

Posted on 14/10/2021 14:02

Hello all,

Does anyone have any knowledge about the above please ?

Have Googled it to death without joy. I can't see any obvious mounting points and as this was converted by Nu venture from new in 2008 it seems odd no step was fitted then.

Any advice much appreciated

Tinwheeler replied on 14/10/2021 15:46

Posted on 14/10/2021 15:46

I would contact Nu Venture and see what they can tell you or speak to a company that fits accessories and see what they say.

There are many steps on the market but what happens with other converters and on different base vehicles isn’t necessarily going to help you.

ninkumpoop replied on 14/10/2021 20:51

Posted on 14/10/2021 20:51

Thanks for the replies.

Tried calling Nu venture, no reply. I'll try an email.

Seems all converters are having bumper business at the mo.

All the best