Good Insurer for EBikes

Metheven replied on 11/02/2019 16:56

Posted on 11/02/2019 16:56

Could anyone recommend an Insurer they use for EBikes please smile

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Kontikiboy replied on 12/02/2019 15:12

Posted on 12/02/2019 15:12


I use Assetsure.   They are in Millbank Tower, London,

phone: 0208 0033 190.      Our bikes are Swiss Flyers and the two cost £4,800.    But that was in 2015 when e-bikes were quite a new idea.   There wasn’t that much choice then, but they are good quality bikes.   That’s why they are insured.    We pay £178 p.a.

I always say that good insurance is only as good as the cover and a successful claim, but we have not had to make a claim yet.    Please note I use Assetsure, but am not in a position to recommend them over other companies.

Many household contents insurance policies cover bikes and even e-bikes, but sadly, ours does not.

Good cycle insurance will insist that you use Gold Secure locks, such as ABUS, and they are not cheap either.


Metheven replied on 12/02/2019 15:55

Posted on 12/02/2019 15:55

Thanks for the reply Bill, we have just bought two Merida Shimano crank drives at £2300 each, so far insurance quotes are coming in at £400/£500 per annum for both and that includes EU, more than my car surprised but on saying that they are far easier to disappear.

I'll make an enquiry with Assetsure and will also look at my home insurance smile

Thanks again.

Metheven replied on 12/02/2019 16:11

Posted on 12/02/2019 16:11

Assetsure quotes me £180.68 including EU travel for both bikes and accepts our Silver secure locks for up to £2500 per bike, best price so far 👍

Outdoor Lady replied on 12/02/2019 17:03

Posted on 12/02/2019 17:03

We have 2 Kalkoffs, about the same price as yours, we added ours onto our home insurance with the AA, they insured them for anywhere in the world, all in the price for home and contents insurance it's obviously the better option but as others have stated not all company's insure bikes, Maybe an idea to look to change household insurance next time ?

Wherenext replied on 12/02/2019 17:44

Posted on 12/02/2019 17:44

Ours is insured under our household insurance through Halifax. This includes Europe plus it also cover them when they are looped chained through the cornersteady or rear caravan handle. Some insurers will not classify the caravan as a static object and they all seem to insist that the bikes are secured in such a manner when not in use.

Wherenext replied on 12/02/2019 20:15

Posted on 12/02/2019 19:01 by Kontikiboy

Hi Wherenext, are your bikes electric bikes?     My home insurance is with the Halifax but they won’t insure my e-bikes!


Posted on 12/02/2019 20:15

Yep. Even states so on the schedule. I'll be home at the weekend and will dig out the details then.

Wherenext replied on 12/02/2019 20:16

Posted on 12/02/2019 19:32 by ocsid

Do these ebike insurances, particularly those under household, also cover third party injury claims?



Posted on 12/02/2019 20:16

Yes as part of the home insurance. Can't answer for those insurers who are specialists and only cover the bikes.

Wherenext replied on 15/02/2019 18:36

Posted on 12/02/2019 20:15 by Wherenext

Yep. Even states so on the schedule. I'll be home at the weekend and will dig out the details then.

Posted on 15/02/2019 18:36

Just checked the schedule as you had me worried. Both bikes shown on schedule as "ebikes" and I also have a referdnce for a conversation I had with Halifax about whether a touring caravan on a site was deemed to be a static structure. It's issued through Halifax but insured with Lloyds Bank Insurance.

Maybe it's a new thing to attract business. There was a £50 introductory business cheque from them waiting for me when we got home from a caravan trip away today.laughing