Safety Hooks for roof (bed safety net)

marion fyfe replied on 15/09/2021 10:54

Posted on 15/09/2021 10:54

Hi, Wondered if anyone knows where to get these hooks, or even what they were called would help! There was one missing from our van and would like for my child. You can hook the bed safety net in. Thankyou

Bakers2 replied on 15/09/2021 16:22

Posted on 15/09/2021 16:22

Not an easy task, you have to resize them - there are free apps, can you post a photo of existing sort? Plus the actual situation of  where and what for? If that makes sense!

marion fyfe replied on 15/09/2021 16:57

Posted on 15/09/2021 16:57

Yes, Heres a photo, it was too large to attach but worked it out! The safety net has a clip which clips onto the link. Thankyou.

brue replied on 15/09/2021 17:18

Posted on 15/09/2021 17:18

You might be able to identify the part name by using Google lens, Cortana etc or right click on the image to find similar products.

Navigateur replied on 15/09/2021 18:13

Posted on 15/09/2021 18:13

That is not a caravan specific item.  Hardware retailers probably have them in wee packets of two or so.  It may be faster to go and take a look than trying to figure out what they are called !

Navigateur replied on 15/09/2021 18:26

Posted on 15/09/2021 18:26

This item on e-Bay is very similar:-  234160678016.

Knowing that children are heavy and caravans are built from little more than compressed paper, I would need to be convinced that the fixing is safe. Preferably bolted through something substantial with a big spreader on the reverse side.

cyberyacht replied on 16/09/2021 09:23

Posted on 16/09/2021 09:23

It's to prevent a child rolling out of the bed inadvertently. It's not the same as a "lee cloth" in a yacht bunk that has to cope with sudden movement. A relatively light hook would, IMHO, suffice. Probably be able to make one from a coat hanger.

brue replied on 16/09/2021 09:38

Posted on 16/09/2021 09:38

Smaller versions of the one in the photo can be used in picture framing to attach string or wire, places like screwfix, bq will stock various sizes, hopefully. smile