Ford S-Max auto-box

Lewisontour replied on 24/06/2019 19:43

Posted on 24/06/2019 19:43

Hi.  We currently have a Ford S-Max 2.0 litre diesel manual box car (12 plate).  I would like to change it for another S-Max (the greatest family cars ever? smile) only this time I am thinking of going for an auto-box - I think Ford call it Powershift.

I've never owned an auto-box vehicle before, so:

1) what is the auto-box like for towing?

2) how bullet proof/robust is the Ford auto-box?

Thoughts/experiences please.


DougS replied on 06/07/2019 16:59

Posted on 06/07/2019 16:59

As you've said it, we can agree that it's a great "step in" car with loads of space and options and does everything we want from carrying 7 to washing machines to towing with plenty of space for everything and then some! ;-) )

We have 11 plate 163 S-Max Powershift (wet clutches) with 80 000 miles. Only lower power Focus etc used the very troublesome dry clutches?)

Only real problem so far has been DPF vapouriser plug.

No problems with gearbox so far but we have had 2 dealer oil changes at £200 each. The Ford oil is expensive but have found compatible oil and filter set for £70 and it does need to be done carefully but it ain't rocket science.

I'm changing it at 2 1/2 yrs and may change every 2 years in future.

Phishing replied on 06/07/2019 22:33

Posted on 06/07/2019 22:33

Its a really good tug, no issues towing, if anything a bit soft in the rear springs but nothing to worry about.

The wet DSG boxes are fine and will be reliable if serviced in ;line with handbook.



G Cherokee replied on 10/07/2019 20:59

Posted on 10/07/2019 20:59

We tow with a 65 plate Kuga (180ps) with the powershift autobox.

No problems, a joy to drive, pulls our Swift 580 without issue 32mpg on the motorway.

The only thing in the Kuga`s favour (for towing) is the AWD system