Magazine tow car reports

velonut replied on 13/08/2019 14:33

Posted on 13/08/2019 14:33

I was sure that last time I changed my tow car I accessed all the previous tow car test reports published in En Route on line. It is almost 4 years ago so I may wrong ( I often am!) but I can’t find any way to access them now. Putting an entry in the search box on the website is worse than useless so can anyone tell me how, or even if, it can be done please?

 Many thanks.

velonut replied on 14/08/2019 14:11

Posted on 14/08/2019 14:11

I have tried the search box and got 4 hits, a holiday resort, nose weight guide, a rally on a Kia oval and a report on towcar of the year including several Kia’s but no Sorento.

I thought it had previously won TCOTY but can’t find that either!