Thinking of a change

biggsy replied on 06/05/2019 09:58

Posted on 06/05/2019 09:58

I tow with Honda crv great car ,thought I might change to a Discovery sport manual has any body towed with this.i,m a bit worried about reliability Thanks

Rufs replied on 14/08/2019 09:06

Posted on 14/08/2019 09:06

Oh, if you decide to go for a used one, filter your search to bring up ones with towing equipment and you will get loads. A factory fitted hook is a bonus.

be careful what you wish for, a lot of these have been used and abused, i speak with some authority, having lived off road in Scotland for 14 years and having had 3 Discoveries, I am an abuser, and when i moved south and had first MOT garage asked if i had lived in Scotland as it needed some serious welding underneath, root cause double whacks of salt on roads in winter, i also used to have to traverse a stream to get out of property so underneath always wet, and a lot have been used by farmers to tow a range of vehicles including pulling tractors out of fields. And some, shock horror, have been used for "off road experience" training or just for fun.