Towing Mirrors for BMW X4

Tayls67 replied on 02/06/2019 13:39

Posted on 02/06/2019 13:39


We're getting our first caravan in a couple of weeks and need to get mirrors so wondered if anyone tows with a BMW X4 that could recommend which ones to go for.



steve march replied on 28/03/2020 19:24

Posted on 28/03/2020 18:10 by GRTCaravan

Hi Galaxy

It’s certainly a shame that Milenco don’t make a fitting that does the job for X3 owners.  Like you, I have dumped several rubbish other brands over the years.Will Just have to keep looking

Posted on 28/03/2020 19:24

I bought Repusel 3005 Lumax convex mirrors for my Tiguan. Repusel's Dutch website has a 'Find my mirror for my car' facility and photographs for the more popular models. They are very good, and virtually vibration free.

The bad news is that the mirrors are eye wateringly expensive. I paid £137.50 in Feb 2019 when the € Exchange Rate was about €1.13.


Wraith replied on 31/03/2020 10:47

Posted on 31/03/2020 10:47

Hi I have a 2019  G01 X3 M40i and I bought the emuk mirrors came from Germany via ebay. They are fantastic far better than my previous milenco which don't fit. They also fold in when needed and once set they keep set so you don't have to adjust every time. Also no vibration.

Happy tugging


Peteno8 replied on 01/04/2020 17:58

Posted on 01/04/2020 17:58

I have just changed my BMW X1 from 2013 E84 to a 2018 F48 and I use the Milenco mirrors. They fitted perfectly on the first car but when offered up to the newer one (F48) they will not fit above the mirror glass as the gap between mirror and housing is too tight.

However, if you reverse the clamps they will fit at the bottom of the mirror housing. What I don't know is how they will perform in this location and whether the housing is likely to crack, as I had the car during the floods and now we are overtaken by Covid19 so no touring yet.

Have looked at the German ones mentioned in other posts. They look good so I may consider buying a pair and just putting up with the price.