Towing with a Skoda Yeti

the degster replied on 23/07/2019 20:52

Posted on 23/07/2019 20:52

does any body tow with a skoda yeti if so how do you rate it whitch engine gearbox what bhp what mpg what is it like solo thank you the degster

lornalou1 replied on 25/07/2019 22:01

Posted on 25/07/2019 22:01

 don't tow with a yeti. surely the weight ratio is the most important as you don't say what you want to/or tow at the moment. I would have thought that the towable weight would be quite low as not a very heavy car.

keithpres replied on 26/07/2019 17:14

Posted on 26/07/2019 17:14

I am shortly going to upgrade my towing vehicle and the Yeti is top of the list. I have talked to a number of owners and they all say it is a good tow car and a nice drivers car.

The 2.0 diesel seems to be the engine of choice which is available as 110, 140 or 170hp.

The auto gearbox model only seems to be available with the Haldex 4x4 drive with either a 140 or 170 engine.

The automatic gearbox is the wet clutch DSG which is well tested and reliable.

You need to check if any cooling system upgrades are required for towing such as a larger cooling fan.

I currently tow a light caravan with a Fabia 1.2 petrol tsi engine and dry clutch dsg box and this has served very well for over 5yrs.


SueandKeith replied on 26/07/2019 17:30

Posted on 26/07/2019 17:30

We towed our 1300kg Eriba Troll for 2 years with a Yeti 4wd 170hp.  It did the job admirably and was a great improvement over previous Skodas.  We had a series of Octavias and one 2wd Yeti and all suffered with occasional twitchiness on long downhills abroad.

We would average just short of 40mpg towing on long runs with all of our Skodas.

We now tow a 1400kg Troll with a Mercedes Vito 119 Sport which gives even better stability but only around 32mpg.


jemball replied on 26/07/2019 17:47

Posted on 26/07/2019 17:47

I have a Yeti 2.0 diesel 4x4 (140 bhp) automatic and tow a Sprite Major 4EB and it's brilliant. Around low 30s mpg usually whilst towing. I usually change my cars every year or two but am so impressed with the Yeti that I've no plan to replace it anytime soon.