Malt Shovel, Lichfield

mystery replied on 22/11/2020 13:43

Posted on 22/11/2020 13:43

Anyone know if there’s a reason why the Malt Shovel public house CL is open during national lockdown and with SIX vans on site ? Walked by there today, several people out and about on the site. 

DavidKlyne replied on 22/11/2020 14:28

Posted on 22/11/2020 14:28

I am not sure how we would know? Is it not possible that they are providing a place to stay for people who full time as in fact the Club did on some of its sites during the first lockdown and may also be doing now. The only person who can answer your question is the owner of the CL if one was brave enough to ask?



Tinwheeler replied on 22/11/2020 14:29

Posted on 22/11/2020 14:29

There are exemptions for housing those of no fixed abode etc but have you enquired about the possible breach of lockdown rules to the council, the police or this club? The club will certainly be interested in the apparent breach of the 5 van rule.


mystery replied on 22/11/2020 15:30

Posted on 22/11/2020 15:30

Sorry, yes, could well be essential workers. Bit of a surprise to see a caravan site in full swing at the moment.

nelliethehooker replied on 22/11/2020 20:18

Posted on 22/11/2020 20:18

Although I have no proof I rather fancy that there will be a small number of 5 van site owners who will be taking an (unfair) advantage of the lockdown to house "essential "workers. But of course I'm in no position to prove it one way or the other being in lockdown myself.

EmilysDad replied on 26/11/2020 20:35

Posted on 26/11/2020 20:35

during lockdown 1 I recall a self isolating nurse getting her tyres slashed because an interfering busy body added 2 & 2 together & got 5. 😣

Unless it had any impact on the OP he/she shouldn't poke his/her nose where it's not needed!