International driving licence (post brexit)

PaulandCheryl replied on 15/03/2019 09:26

Posted on 15/03/2019 09:26

Heads up for those travelling to Spain via France/Europe.   

In an effort to be organised for all outcomes of brexit, I went to the post office to get an international driving licence for this years travels.   Not needing one for Europe since they were issued by the RAC, I was told I need two.  One for Europe and one for Spain.  Whilst the total cost is only 11.00, be prepared to have two passport photos if your travelling to Spain from Europe.

The process took around 20 mins in total, which included using the photo booth (6.00) and two licences completed by the cashier. 

I need To check with my insurance company, if and when we leave Europe, whether I need a green card.  But as we’re not going till mid May, that’ll wait for another day. 

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