Ability to chose hardstanding pitches on all sites

AandJ replied on 08/09/2021 17:47

Posted on 08/09/2021 17:47

I want the club to look at giving members the option to chose hard standing or grass pitch on the sites where standard pitches can be either or. 
This season I have experienced problems on a few popular sites whereby I’ve booked a standard pitch with awning only to turn up (at a reasonable time 2-3pm) to find there are only grass pitches left. With a 4.5 tonne Motorhome this makes me Cringe. With all the rain we’ve had grass pitches have been really soft and twice we’ve had to get off using mud runners. 
I’ve also seen many other Motorhome sand larger caravans struggling to stop wheels sinking in or awning being like mud pools. There have been several reviews around on some of these sites were members have stated they’ve booked a std pitch with awning expecting hardstanding, as on sites that are all hardstanding, only to turn up to be told only grass left and these have been very wet and several not fit for purpose. 
The sites that I experienced problems with and heard from other members that have major issues are, Tewkesbury, Hurn Lane, Seacroft, Hill Head and Gowerton. There are probably others. 
I know some people like grass and that’s fine, but if that’s the case let them book them and let those of us who literally hate them cos they are not suitable for modern caravans or Motorhome chose hard standing. 
I don’t even mind paying a bit more for hard standing but I do object to paying the same for a poor quality, inferior, soggy under sized grass pitch ( lots of these at Tewkesbury and Hurn Lane ) . It should be personal choice so give us that choice and I think you might find there’s a drop in bookings at these sites, perhaps that’s why you don’t put in in the information options. 
Of course the best option would be to do away with soggy grass pitches and make them hard standing or at least increase the proportion of hard standing . So come on CAMC give us the option on all sites so that we’re all getting the same value for our money and not getting Stuck in the Mud which is we’re the club seems to be .

EasyT replied on 19/09/2021 18:59

Posted on 19/09/2021 18:47 by davetommo

Rarely. So can I assume you sometimes do. 
Several years ago I used to work with someone who always had  a big wad of notes in his pocket, I told him one day someone will hit you over the hard and take that off you, his reply was there is no one big enough. 

A couple of years later he came to work battered and bruised. Some one had taken his money off him. 

So all I can say is be very careful as you don’t  know who is watching.

Posted on 19/09/2021 18:59

You can assume whatever you wish Dave but this is getting boring.

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