Awning and non-awning pitches

Chris102 replied on 12/07/2019 09:12

Posted on 12/07/2019 09:12

When will the C&MC policy makers do something about the pricing structure for these types of pitches?

I am on a site at present on a non-awning pitch because I could not book an awning one. I wanted to erect a Outdoor Revolution Tech Canopy and was told by the warden that I could not because I of the pitch type that I was on, even though there was plenty of room to do so. On some other sites I have been told that providing there is no front enclosure on the canopy then I can erect it.

There are many units on this site, caravans and motorhome, occupying awning pitches that do not have an awning erected. They are occupying a awning pitch because they want the extra space for sitting out etc and who can blame them. Why pay the same price for a smaller pitch.

If the price of a non-awning pitch was £3 or £4 pounds per night less than an awning pitch then maybe those that do not intend to erect an awning or canopy will book a non-awning pitch.


JVB66 replied on 12/07/2019 21:17

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I think you'll find that present day prices are slightly more than that JV. Try more in the line of 3k for a basic hardstanding if there's already a tarmac road. If there's not you can add on £80 per meter to get to it. That was 2017 prices.  Don't know the cost of planning but I know it's a contributing factor when deciding where and when to put hardstands in.

Grass any day for mecool


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We do not mind either type of pitch but grass pitches (when in use) are fine if the mowers have grass pickup facilities,but as on several sites we have visited this year grass has been even with hand mowers on one site and they were not mulching deckssurprised

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No, for all the time the site had been open.

The grass pitches at Troutbeck Head were not used at all for a number of years. The pitches are being used now as they have been converted to HSsmile

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No answer to that, but I'll try!wink Were they ever listed as being available for use?

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I wonder how much CLs pay for HS per pitch?  If it’s anything like that price that’s a heck of a wedge to try and claw back, on top of all the other start up costs.


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CL's probably take a more DIY view. Any old hardcore sculling about, a yard or two of scalpings and a bag of pea gravel and a bit of spare time with the owners JCB/tractor. CAMC is probably more like local government contracts - what silly figure can we think of that they will pay.

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I bet Fawlty Towers do cool

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yes, it's over there between the sky and the land....wink

well it's not good enough....etc....cue wildebeest, Krakatoa .....

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