Club WiFi login problems

bustercub replied on 01/01/2017 18:27

Posted on 01/01/2017 18:27

I've had a recurring problem with the Club's on-site WiFi for some time now, and was wondering if others experience the same problem, or have a solution.

I find that having logged on successfully, after a period of an hour or so, I get kicked off the connection and get a message telling me I need to log on again. However, when I try to log on again, access is denied as it tells me I'm already connected on a different device (which I'm not!)

Typing does not work as the connection is down - doing so just redirects straight back to the login screen.

The only solution I have so far is to phone the helpline and get them to log me off 'properly', so that I can get back on without access being denied.

It happens on Club sites across the country, and I don't know if it is device related, but it usually happens when I am using my Chromebook.


Any suggestions appreciated.

midsomermikey replied on 01/01/2017 18:36

Posted on 01/01/2017 18:36

Never been automatically logged out before I leave my laptop on for hours & its always connected when I use it again. Maybe your device settings time out for the connection after an hour.


bustercub replied on 01/01/2017 18:46

Posted on 01/01/2017 18:46

It's just happened again - didn't even make an hour this time.

I don't get booted off other WiFi services on my Chromebook - only the CC's useless one.

Bloody infuriating!

midsomermikey replied on 01/01/2017 18:53

Posted on 01/01/2017 18:53

What site a are you on ? Usually either in the office or info room  there's a Wi-Fi map showing the best areas on site for good reception but I don`t think you would be unlucky to have pitched every time in a blind spot

Vicmallows replied on 01/01/2017 19:05

Posted on 01/01/2017 19:05

Not specific to CC wifi, but I have experienced this situation where several 'open' wifi connections are available with very similar strengths. The device hops between them, even sometimes when logged-on via a landing page.  Usually telling the device to 'forget' the other connections works, but not always.

SteveL replied on 01/01/2017 19:13

Posted on 01/01/2017 19:13

I use CC wifi extensively but not had your problem generally. The only time I have experienced anything similar, is when the wifi has been very poor and stalled, not letting me do anything. The next time I tried to log on, with the same device, it said it was already logged on, although it clearly wasn't. This cleared itself though after a few hours.

bustercub replied on 01/01/2017 19:49

Posted on 01/01/2017 19:49

Definitely nothing to do with signal strength. The signal is decent and works well when connected.  And no other available networks to compete against either. 

To be honest, the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced it's something specific to my chromebook. I've had issues with it in the past where it won't even connect to some networks - something to do with IP addresses, MAC addresses, proxy servers, yadda yadda, stuff I'll never understand.


bustercub replied on 01/01/2017 21:00

Posted on 01/01/2017 21:00

Currently logged on with my phone rather than the chromebook (and with no problems so far!) 

I'll try what you're suggesting in a bit Phil, but I would expect it'd just say site not available as the connection is lost. Is there something else you're predicting?