Club WiFi login problems

bustercub replied on 01/01/2017 18:27

Posted on 01/01/2017 18:27

I've had a recurring problem with the Club's on-site WiFi for some time now, and was wondering if others experience the same problem, or have a solution.

I find that having logged on successfully, after a period of an hour or so, I get kicked off the connection and get a message telling me I need to log on again. However, when I try to log on again, access is denied as it tells me I'm already connected on a different device (which I'm not!)

Typing does not work as the connection is down - doing so just redirects straight back to the login screen.

The only solution I have so far is to phone the helpline and get them to log me off 'properly', so that I can get back on without access being denied.

It happens on Club sites across the country, and I don't know if it is device related, but it usually happens when I am using my Chromebook.


Any suggestions appreciated.

everard17 replied on 01/01/2017 22:36

Posted on 01/01/2017 22:36

I have had this problem many times on lots of club sites, this usually happens when I first try to log on rather than when the computer is being used.

Sometimes after multiple attempts I can log on but on most occasions I have to get in touch with the helpline and they reset things that then allows access until I try to log in the next day when it all starts again!

Signal strength doesn't seem to make any difference as I can be sited right by a wifi post and still have problems.

bustercub replied on 02/01/2017 20:06

Posted on 02/01/2017 20:06

No idea if it was relevant or a pure coincidence, but I did clear the cookies on my Chromebook and didn't see the problem again for the rest of the evening.

Now back home and no longer on site, so won't be able to try and reproduce the problem until next time I go on my travels...