Friends at club sites

Sparky64 replied on 16/11/2019 20:49

Posted on 16/11/2019 20:49

Hi, I’m new to the club, and I’m wondering about the sites, if I book onto a site, can I book a pitch for a non member. We do tend to go to places alone, but occasionally we go away with friends


Tinwheeler replied on 16/11/2019 20:58

Posted on 16/11/2019 20:58

You can only book one pitch on your membership number. Some sites take non-members and, if so, your friend can book a pitch and pay the non-member's additional fee of £12 per night.

As a member, you have paid the annual membership fee for yourself and family to use one pitch at a time. You cannot extend that benefit to non-members who have not paid the annual subscription.

Hope that clarifies things.

Takethedogalong replied on 16/11/2019 21:01

Posted on 16/11/2019 21:01

There are a lot of Sites that admit Non Members. However, NM’s do pay an extra £12 per night to stay, so if you expect to use such sites more than four nights in a year, your friends might as well join. You need to check either Site webpage, or in your paper directory to see which Sites accept Non Members, although Inthink it is possible to join at any Club Site.😁

Tinwheeler replied on 16/11/2019 21:12

Posted on 16/11/2019 21:12

As an aside, Sparky, it’s not possible to reserve specific pitches on club sites as you choose on arrival so, in the event of you and your friend booking the same site, you won’t necessarily end up pitched next to each other.