MaxHeadroom replied on 15/06/2017 20:32

Posted on 15/06/2017 20:32

Hi all,

        We recently enjoyed another stay at the lovely Coniston Park Coppice club site. The weather, on the whole, was lovely and the grounds and facilities up to there usual high standard. Unfortunately, as happens in the lakes, it rained some of the time. One such occasion was early evening after cooking on the cadac outside so, as we had a nice secluded corner location with our friends (and their caravan), we thought we'd make the best of it and put up a small gazebo so we could still enjoy the great outdoors while it rained.

         The next day whilst the warden was on his rounds he asked us to remove the gazebo as they weren't allowed under the rules. He was polite and courteous about it and we duly obliged albeit somewhat confused as all we wanted to do was to enjoy outdoor living - which caravanning is all about!

       I agree that wild parties and noise should not be encouraged/allowed but a gazebo (after all it's just an umbrella with four legs) I would have thought should be permitted in order to keep dry and enjoy the great outdoors.

Was this an over zealous decision by the warden or is it really a big no no?



MaxHeadroom replied on 16/06/2017 11:09

Posted on 16/06/2017 11:09

Hi, yes we had a small porch awning. Not really big enough or suitable for outdoor cooking and eating. Used more to keeping outdoor gear and chairs etc dry. Regarding rule 5a, this would suggest that we should have been ok with the gazebo perhaps? After all, it doesn't explicitly say you can't use a gazebo. Again, I'm all for respecting your neighbours etc so wouldn't want to do anything to upset however I think a small gazebo should be ok - even on a temporary basis when the heavens open.


eurortraveller replied on 16/06/2017 11:37

Posted on 16/06/2017 11:37

Hi Andy, I mentioned Rule 5(a) because it does clearly say that you can put up a kitchen tent as well as having an awning, so I sympathise with you. 

brue replied on 16/06/2017 13:18

Posted on 16/06/2017 13:18

It looks as though it should be OK as long as it fits within your pitch. Maybe someone from the Club could clarify.?

TomSue replied on 16/06/2017 18:08

Posted on 16/06/2017 18:08

Oh dear, what a shame you couldn't enjoy it. We've been on sites where people had gazebos. And you are probably members who keep all the rules. We thought the new image of the new club this year was for members to enjoy the outdoors and to feel the spirit of adventure. We are presently on a beautiful site in France and are certainly feeling the sense of adventure and freedom here. A lovely welcome when we arrived and no list of rules and threats of having to move if we were to pitch cms away from the peg. In fact a huge pitch and you can park on it anywhere you like. It took us ages to decide where to pitch, we're so accustomed to parking on the peg! The toilet blocks never close and they are very clean.Although we think rules are necessary, the club seems to be stifling the sense of adventure & freedom. What a shame! No list of rules here and yet it is tidy, not one piece of litter, very peaceful, everyone enjoying themselves while being mindful of others.

IanH replied on 16/06/2017 20:01

Posted on 16/06/2017 20:01

Great to see that the wardens there are doing their job and are enforcing the rules.

Well done them!

Vicmallows replied on 18/06/2017 18:37

Posted on 18/06/2017 18:37

As a non-member it is not my place to comment on the various and often complex 'rules'.

However, it is certainly a factor when I consider whether or not I might wish to join this 'Club'.

bmbonanza replied on 18/06/2017 19:36

Posted on 18/06/2017 19:36

We heard a warden tell someone to take their gazebo down at a site, he told them it was because they werent secured to anything and they had had them blowing off in the past and causing damage.

Navigateur replied on 18/06/2017 21:04

Posted on 18/06/2017 21:04

Tying down a gazebo seems to me to be a crutial part of erecting it properly. Apart from blowing over/away there is a danger of it being knocked and collapsing, especially if it is one of the early ones with the 80 tubes in the frame. It is just as flamable as a tent/awning if not more so.

I use one in my garden and have found tent pegs to be useless as the gazebo pulls upwards on them and they come out.  I use four old curling stones, but I dont think anyone would be wanting to carry them around when camping.