Harbury Fields, Leamington

DSB replied on 14/02/2020 23:59

Posted on 14/02/2020 23:59

Just wondered if anyone has been to this site.  Looks good.  We've booked in for a few days from Monday (weather permitting), following a family get together on Sunday.  Our eldest daughter has volunteered to stay at home at the end of our visit to do the tidying following the do, and we're secretly hoping that our son (who lives in the village) might make a start on decorating our newly installed downstairs loo.

In the meantime a visit to Harbury Fields, might be good. (Weather permitting).  The site looks good, and it is a Club Affilliated site.  I hope to drive up to NEC on Tuesday, although Carol will stay back to dog sit.

If anyone has been to the site  e'd be interested in your thoughts and comments ...


Fozzie replied on 15/02/2020 09:25

Posted on 15/02/2020 09:25

Lovely site David, all hardstandings and very clean.It has an open aspect.Very handy to visit the Car Heritage museum nearby,with all the history of BL

The only thing was when walking to the village part of route I ended up on the road.Bus stop outside site, (which is a good indication where to turn into site), for trips into nearby towns if you have a Motorhome.

DSB replied on 15/02/2020 09:30

Posted on 15/02/2020 09:30

Thanks for that Fozzie.  I know all the pitches are fully service, so I'll be leaving the aquaroll and wastemaster back at home in the store.  As for hardstandings.....  that's my type of site..  laughing


susiepops replied on 15/02/2020 09:32

Posted on 15/02/2020 09:32

Hello David, Harbury Fields is a lovely, level beautifully looked after site with helpful, friendly owners. Each pitch has water electric etc. There are 4 toilet blocks all beautiful and clean which do not close during the day.  There is a dogwalk round the site kept mown.

Bus stop at entrance to Leamington Spa and beyond and into Harbury which is only small has convenience store and cafes etc.

Easy to find and peaceful though not far from main road.  Do try it you will not be disappointed.

brue replied on 15/02/2020 09:44

Posted on 15/02/2020 09:44

We used to live in Harbury many years ago David and still have family locally. You should be able to get a good meal in one of the village pubs. If the weather is nice try an easy walk up to Chesterton Windmill. There is a good farm shop and cafe along the Fosse Way. Hope you enjoy your stay. smile

Tammygirl replied on 15/02/2020 11:35

Posted on 15/02/2020 11:35

Its a lovely site David, we used it many times when our son and family lived in Harbury. 

Clean plenty of room and all SP pitches. Lots to do in the area. Really miss going there now they have moved to Yorkshire.


EasyT replied on 15/02/2020 12:19

Posted on 15/02/2020 12:19

Nice site, I have stayed their twice. Last time probably 2017. I did not remember it being fully serviced on pitch but then that is not surprising as it is not an issue for me

brue replied on 15/02/2020 14:24

Posted on 15/02/2020 11:49 by cyberyacht

I don't know what's wrong with the CAMC tape measure but it's a lot further than 0.5 miles to Harbury. It's two miles to the nearest pub!

Posted on 15/02/2020 14:24

It's about 5 mins in the car to the Shakespeare Inn. smile