Sites with closed facilities: is there a discount?

alison15 replied on 30/06/2020 17:35

Posted on 30/06/2020 17:35

We've booked a club site and a listed site in Wales for next month. We've jsut been informed that the loo and shower blocks may well be closed when we are there. We will be expected to use the toilet and shower in the caravan - which is fine. However, will the club provide a discount for the loss of the facilities?  We may as well stay on a certified location with no facilities for a lot less money.


What do you think?

gizacuppatea replied on 30/06/2020 18:49

Posted on 30/06/2020 18:49

They are offering a discount at Hillhead site and the site at Seacroft but only because the swimming pool is closed. I dont think there will be any other discounts at all . 
We are heading out on the 4 th and told there may be reduced capacity for loos and to use our own facilities if possible , but there has been no mention of any site reductions except the swimming pool sites . 
i’m thinking 100% its a no sorry . 

birderbilly replied on 01/07/2020 01:39

Posted on 01/07/2020 01:39

We have a booking for later in the month but certainly wont be going if the club are going to stick to best part of £30 a night with no facilities.

Justus2 replied on 01/07/2020 06:29

Posted on 01/07/2020 06:29

We will be very happy using the van's facilities in the current climate. No way do we want to use a communal toilet or shower that someone has recently vacated. No offence intended obviously, but you don't know who has covid, even some who have it don't know.... that includes me I have no idea, not having had a test. The less we have contact with others the better.

We will be going away, just to see how it is, but in a few weeks time, and use gloves etc for water points etc but no toilet block use.

I doubt the club will offer discounts for toilets being closed, their financial situation this year will lead to them expecting loyal and supportive members to pay full price.. I guess some will and some won't.

In the main, we are more drawn towards camping club sites at the moment due to them extending everyone's membership by three months due to members not being able to use the sites whilst they were closed. I wasn't inspired by this clubs voucher scheme at all. I didn't want to pay hundreds of pounds for vouchers to an organisation which may not even exist in 2021.

ocsid replied on 01/07/2020 06:52

Posted on 01/07/2020 06:52

I doubt there will be or need to be a discount.

IMO members will be more than happy simply to get away, so demand for the limited pitches available will be high throughout the rest of 2020.

As expressed above, we also would not be using communal toilet & ablution facilities, seemingly an ideal transmission environment, whilst this potential fatal and debilitating bug is still so active. 

I would add that age wise we are its target species.


EasyT replied on 01/07/2020 06:56

Posted on 01/07/2020 06:56

Thus far the CMC has said that toilet and shower facilities will be open with more frequent cleaning. Not that facilities will be closed. I suspect that many may not wish to use them however

JVB66 replied on 01/07/2020 07:08

Posted on 01/07/2020 07:08

As posted elswhere the club say the use of wardens passes has been restricted/withdrawn for most of this year in order to accommodate members so the chances of any reductions ,  apart from the sites with pools  is very remote 

birderbilly replied on 01/07/2020 07:21

Posted on 01/07/2020 06:56 by EasyT

Thus far the CMC has said that toilet and shower facilities will be open with more frequent cleaning. Not that facilities will be closed. I suspect that many may not wish to use them however

Posted on 01/07/2020 07:21

not for sites in Wales, facility blocks will not be open.

AnotherDavid replied on 01/07/2020 07:30

Posted on 01/07/2020 07:30

I think you have answered your own question, take away the facilities from a club site and you are left with an overcrowded  and expensive cl. Pay less and have the real thing.