Lunar Quasar interior light not working.

sunseeker2 replied on 16/09/2020 17:47

Posted on 16/09/2020 17:47

We have a 2017 Lunar Quasar462. The flat round led light in the shower room has stopped working. It should come on with the other three lights when pull switch is in the on position. In the centre of the light is a touch on/off switch, but it is as if there is no power. I have tried to remove the cover from the light, but cannot see how it comes off. Can anyone advise.

lornalou1 replied on 18/09/2020 11:42

Posted on 18/09/2020 11:42

I believe you have to turn the whole unit round a quarter turn and will come off. That's what Lunar told me when My Delta had the same problem but I couldn't do it and didn't want to force it off. Got rid in the end as sick of damp every service. 

JohnM20 replied on 23/09/2020 11:54

Posted on 23/09/2020 11:54

It seems Lunar have a problem with wiring to lights. We have a dealer special Quasar derivative. From soon after taking delivery of the caravan the two centre lights in the habitation area have decided to please themselves whether to come on or not. Sometimes they will and sometimes they won't and then, if the switch is left 'on' it will suddenly come on of its own accord several hours later. A bit annoying in the middle of the night if I forget to make sure they are switched off. The power to the centre light seems to be the supply to the light towards the front of the caravan so if the centre one doesn't work neither will the front. 

My suspicion is that it is a poor connection somewhere but where that or any lighting connection is is a mystery. I've not been able to find anything myself and my service engineer says it could be anywhere and could cost a fortune to find it. Luckily we don't need to use those lights much but it is still niggling me. I know I could have claimed under warranty but I didn't want possibly of being without the caravan for an extended period whilst the faulty connection was found and rectified especially as it will probably be buried somewhere behind fixed wall cupboards etc.