Solo travel

Thanet replied on 22/07/2019 18:24

Posted on 22/07/2019 18:24

I just wondered if anyone can give me advice on travelling on my own with a caravan and dog. Or if anyone knows of any meet ups for people in my situation 

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Biggarmac replied on 24/07/2019 15:12

Posted on 24/07/2019 15:12

Many of us have joined the New Companions Camping Club.

They have meets all over the country.  A leaflet is produced regularly which gives details of the meets.  You can have the information online as well.  There is a small membership charge.

Shuckford replied on 28/07/2019 16:35

Posted on 28/07/2019 16:35

Meg Hi, Not a criticism but check your link given above! Finger problems ‘we all get it’ 🤪

BTW how did it go in Italy at the Weekend Site? We’re planning on joining the rally next year? Will you be there again, hope it’s as good as the Vosges! 

Regards Ron ‘n Ju...