Dame Vera Lynn - 103 today

steve march replied on 20/03/2020 09:39

Posted on 20/03/2020 09:39

I got Dame Vera's autograph at the back door of the Palladium in Spring 1963. Whilst Angela Roberts, Bruce Forsyth's Assistant on 'Beat the Clock' arrived by taxi and was far too 'celeb' to sign autographs, Dame Vera strolled down the street without a care in the world and stopped to talk to Dad and some Old Soldiers before signing autographs and posing for photos with our 126 film cameras [!]. She was pure grace and class.

I also met Dame Vera at a SCOPE Centre opening a little over 20 years ago, and took the opportunity to get a second autograph. She was, again, quite charming. When she heard about my exploits getting her autograph at the Palladium, she replied along the lines of, 'I'm surprised that people want my autograph once, much less twice ...' with great self deprecation.

Happy birthday, Dame Vera. Any chance of an autograph? sealed