Helen McCrory

Takethedogalong replied on 16/04/2021 20:23

Posted on 16/04/2021 20:23

Dreadfully sad news about Helen McCrory passing away today, and so very young. A very gifted actress, she has left a wonderful screen legacy, but it must be heartbreaking for her family and friends.

Rest in Peace Aunt Polly😢

Rocky 2 buckets replied on 19/04/2021 06:45

Posted on 19/04/2021 06:45

She was captivating to watch, I’d seen her in many things but she was outstanding in the Matriarchal role in Peaky Blinders. She shifted from doting mother/Aunt/Sister to unhinged murderous self destructive Harpy when triggered. She still had much to give in her Dame Judi Dench years. Lost to us all way too soon.