RIP Pete Green

richardandros replied on 25/07/2020 18:15

Posted on 25/07/2020 18:15

My teenage idol - co-founder of Fleetwood Mac and a brilliant guitar player with a unique earthy blues style. Saw him a few years ago at the little theatre in Beverley and he was a sad shadow of his former past - as a result of his troubled life - marred by drugs and alcohol. Nevertheless, his contribution to the development of blues in this country is unlikely to be surpassed.

RIP Pete - and thank you for what you gave us.

richardandros replied on 25/07/2020 20:01

Posted on 25/07/2020 18:21 by moulesy

Just beat you to it, R! 

One of my early heroes too when he played with John Mayall. A sad loss. 

Posted on 25/07/2020 20:01

I remember going to a blues concert in Leicester - must have been about 19965/6, when he did a jam session with Mayall and Clapton - wow - that was something I’ll never forget 😂

Pliers replied on 26/07/2020 22:15

Posted on 26/07/2020 22:15

I saw Fleetwood Mac at Manchester’s Free Trade Hall in the late 60s. They finished the night with Albatross. Support was BB King. What a night!

RIP Peter 😢xxx